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I was hit with some serious culture shock once I arrived to Shanghai from Thailand. The language barrier made getting around more difficult than I originally believed it would be. It also just felt very different from any place I’d ever visited and I struggled adjusting. A family friend recommended I check out the Unfood Food Tour to learn more about Shanghai. The tour ended up helping me adjust to the city!

Delicious soup dumplings at Fuchun Xiao Long (650 Yuyan Lu, near Zhenning Rd.)

Unfood Food Tours has food tours in Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu and Hong Kong. Within Shanghai, there are multiple food tours available at different times of the day. We chose the Shanghai Night Eats tour. To be honest, I was a little nervous because I am picky with my food. I wanted to challenge myself during this food tour and I was so glad I did.

The Shanghai Night Eat Tour costs 81 USD per person for a three hour tour. Totally worth it!

The Cannery

We started the night at The Cannery a beautiful bar down the block from the meeting point of the food tour. Unfood Tour suggested hanging out here prior to the tour and the bar did not disappoint. The space is beautiful and the drinks were 5-star quality. I enjoyed two drinks before heading over to meet the tour guide. We met our tour guide and other participants on Dongzhu’abang Road. Our tour guide was informative and so pleasant!

Stewed pork sandwich at Fresh Bread Roujiamo

We visited five spots in the span of three hours. Each restaurant represented food from a different region of China. We started with Shanghai, at Fresh Bread Roujiamo (175 Dongzhu’ambong Road, near Jiangsu Road). We tried the stewed pork sandwich (there are other options available). The chef cooked up some spices and the meat, and placed it in a flaky like bread. It was DELICIOUS. I seriously scarfed down the sandwich and if I ever go back to Shanghai, this will be my first stop. Not to mention it was VERY CHEAP (10-12 RMB)! Make sure to hit this spot early because when he finished his meat for the day, he packs it up! He closed up around 1930 during our tour.

We learned on this tour that the Chinese consume pork more than any other kind of meat.

At Golden Phoneix, we ate the roasted pork, roasted duck, dried fried rice noodles with beef, pineapple bun, and mango pudding.

Our next stop was Golden Phoenix (229 Dongzhu’anbang Road, near Jiangsu road) serves Hong Kong Cuisine. It’s a restaurant that were filled with only locals (like all locations during this tour); it’s so local that I couldn’t find it on Trip Advisor! The restaurant had a bunch of neon signs inside (like in Hong Kong) and served delicious food eaten in Hong Kong. We were able to try multiple plates of food, beer, and wine. Our tour guide explained thoroughly what each food was and we were given a LOT of food!

It was also a great time to get to know the group. The people we met were from all over – our tour guide was a Chinese woman born in Holland and moved to Shanghai after university. We met tourists from New Zealand, the Philippines, and even New York City.

It was my first time using a squat tiolet. It was pretty interesting! – Nancy

In the next restaurant we visited, we encountered crickets (couldn’t locate name of restaurant)! I wasn’t looking forward to trying anything too different from my liking but I pushed myself to try it at least once (that’s why I’m half way across the world, right?). We were also given fried goat cheese, noodles (LOVED), and plum wine (which was very strong). Watch out though – there isn’t a bathroom! Our tour guide stops at a bathroom to make sure everyone is comfortable though!


After munching on delicious crickets, we headed to a restaurant with fried seaweed, fish, and soup. There was more liquor (though the taste wasn’t my favorite) and beers given to us. We were given a LOT of food! Our tour guide went in depth of the journey of the restaurant owners, the different types of food we ate, and drinking traditions.

We thought that was the end of the tour (we were so full), but we had one more place to stop by!

The last stop was at Fuchun Xiao Long, a popular soup dumpling location. Our tour guide taught us how to properly eat the soup dumpling (slurping encouraged) and the history behind the restaurant. We wrapped up our night by receiving a butterfly cookie from Apple Desserts and a pamphlet with the locations, names of the restaurant, and what we ate (in Chinese and English) that night.

Soup Dumplings!

After the food tour, I seriously felt way more comfortable in Shanghai! I looked forward to my vacation with an open mind and a curiosity about the history of Shanghai. Needless to say, I’ll be joining Unfood Tours in every city they are located in!

We were BEYOND full by the end of the food tour. Be sure to come to the food tour HUNGRY and pace yourself. It can be easy to fill up by the second or third restaurant.

We had about this quantity of food in every restaurant we visited (beside the oldest hamburger stand).

Be sure to check out Unfood Tours when you’re in Shanghai. If you’ve done it in any of the cities it exists in, tell us about your experience!


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