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Yoga & Wine Tasting with Sourced Adventures

Day-trips are necessary to replenish your soul. It’s easy to take a day trip from New York City – if you have a car. Many New Yorkers do not. It can be rather difficult to find reliable transportation to visit outside New York City. Luckily, I discovered Sourced Adventures! Sourced Adventures offers hassle-free and fun day trips from New York City (they’re also located in other major cities such as Chicago and Boston). There were mulitple trips we were interested in such as the Long Island Wine Tour, River Tubing & Brewery Tour, and the Long Island Yoga & Wine Tour (not available as of 07/01/19) . We decided to go with the the Long Island Yoga & Wine Tour because we wanted to treat our bodies extra nice – what better way to do that than with yoga and wine?!



On a Saturday morning, Neesha and I arrived at Sourced Adventure’s Adventure Cafe located in the Lower East side at 8:00 AM.  Our tour bus and  guide were already waiting for us upon our arrival. Check-in was short and sweet – we only had to share our name to our tour guide. Our group was not the typical Sourced Adventures group I’ve experienced in the past – it was a much smaller group of about 10-12 people who were mostly 35+. The two other trips I attended were much larger (30+ attendees) with the age range from mid-twenties to 40’s. Your group will depend on what/when you do your day trip but one thing is sure – most folks will be super friendly and open!

Our Crossings Vineyard & Winery Experience

Once we were on our way to Crossings Vineyard & Winery, our tour guide gave us the run down of the day – yoga, wine tasting, and free time to roam the vineyard. Our bus ride was about two hours to arrive to the vineyard, and once we arrived, we had a couple of minutes to explore our surroundings before jumping into our one hour yoga session.


Don’t have a yoga mat? Don’t worry! They have extra for those who don’t own one.


To be completely honest, I don’t like yoga. I’d rather do a fast paced activity so I can’t dwell on feeling uncomfortable. I agreed to this day trip because I know it’s great for my stiff body and Neehsa enjoys practicng yoga.  We did yoga under the shade of trees; since the weather was aboslutely beautiful, it felt amazing. Ususally, an one hour yoga session feels like it takes forever for me but, I felt so relaxed that the time flew by.


Nancy surprisingly refreshed after yoga.


After yoga, we took a tour of the winery and learned about their wine-making process.  After our tour, we sat in a private room for our wine-tasting. We tried seven different wines during our one and half hour session. With each wine that was poured for us, we learned when/how that wine was made and why it pairs so well with the specific food. We were even able to keep our wineglass as a sovuneir of our trip!


Part of the reason why we had such a great time at Crossings Vineyard is our small group and amazing tour guide. Because our group was so small, we had a wonderful and intimate conversation faciltated by the tour guide (I wish I could remember her name because she was that awesome). It would’ve been difficult to replicate this expeirence with the typical 30-50 people who attend the Sourced Adventures day trip simply because it’s just too many people. We felt pretty lucky to be part of this group.


What we paried our wines with.


After wine tasting, we had about an hour of free-time to explore the vineyard and try out their craft beers. We chatted up with the friendly bartender and learned more about the winery. Unfournately, we didn’t have as much time as we wanted. We started loading on the bus around 3:30 PM and with traffic, made it home by 6:00 PM.



Overall, our experience with Sourced Adventures was amazing! It was the PERFECT one day getaway that we needed.

While the Yoga & Wine tour is no longer available on Sourced Adventures, we seriously encouage you to try out their other day trips! I promise, you won’t regret it!


Would you do a trip with Sourced Adventures? Let us know!

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