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Welcome to our blog!

First and foremost, when we started The Postcard Search, our vision came from a place of self-reliance, seeking to create content that reflected who we are and what we celebrate in the world. If we wanted to read more stories about traveling as a couple, we knew we would have to create it ourselves. Our blog covers travel from a queer woman of color perspective.

The Basics

We’re mid-twenties New Yorkers, born and raised in Queens. We met each other through a mutual friend in 2013, but lost touch until we reconnected via the magic of online dating apps in 2017! Needless to say, we hit it off. We were both travelers prior to dating and once we were together it blossomed into a way for us to decompress and bond as a couple.

Why do we love to travel?

Our travel styles are similar and we have similar interests. We enjoy an authentic cultural experience with a mixture of exploration and relaxation. We adopt different roles when we go on a trip – Nancy is the detail-oriented planner. She loves researching blog posts, Youtube videos, and Google Maps to figure out the destinations, accommodations, and itineraries. She believes in learning about the people, cultures, and history of wherever we visit and spends hours researching. Neesha brings the plans to fruition. She makes sure we’re packed (with the first-aid kit included!) and that our trips are a good balance of adventure and downtime.


Fun Fact: I am semi-fluent in American Sign Language

My vision is to one day curate travel experiences specifically for queer people of color. Again, I love planning and I’d want to curate travel tours where queer people of color feel comfortable to be themselves. I envision partnering primarily with locally based organizations and businesses to ensure the local folks are benefiting from our trips!

When I’m not prepping for the next adventure I enjoy:

  • Reading fiction/non-fiction/history books. My favorite book is the Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini.
  • Hanging out with my fifteen-year-old cousin (who probably doesn’t want to hang out with me)
  • Catching up with my favorite travel blogs: are Goats on the Road and Nomadic Matt, to name a few
  • Hanging out with dogs of all breeds!


Fun Fact: One of my lifelong goals is to become a contestant on Jeopardy

My vision is to create a digital community where queer people of color can share their love and passion for travel. I’d love to grow our engagement with travelers from around the world on our social media platforms. Moreover, I strive to infuse elements of wellness and healing that underline my desire to travel.

When I’m not prepping for the next adventure I enjoy:

  • Studying! I’m completing my Master of Public Health degree at SUNY Downstate Medical Center School of Public Health.
  • Reading young adult (YA) novels. They inhabit the most space on my bookshelves!
  • Zumba fitness! It is my favorite way to workout-burning calories while dancing!

If you want to know something about us and it isn’t here visit our ‘About Us‘ page!


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