The Best Organzational Tool for Trip Planning: Google Sheets

I truly enjoy planning for our trips. There’s just something about researching a city I once knew very little about and becoming very familiar with it over time that fulfilling for me. Without proper planning tools and organizational techniques though, trip planning can be overwhelming. That’s why we rely on Google Sheets to organize our trip details to ensure a smooth and easy planning process!


Why do use Google Sheets?

We use Google Sheets because we are able to share our document over Google Drive. Google Drive gives us the freedom to do our individual research while compiling one list of activities we both have access to. We tend to do our own research and then talk about what we really want to do either right before our trip or even during it!


We keep our most important details on our first page.


What do we include in our Google Sheets Document?


    An overview of the important travel details (flight information, accommodation details, travel insurance policy number): This is the first sheet of our document and that’s so if we need this information ASAP, we don’t need to comb through documents to find it.

Activities we’re interested in: We organize our information by separating the different cities in separate tabs so we aren’t overwhelmed by a plethora of information. In each tab, we include the activities we want to do, the restaurants we want to eat at and the bars we want to visit. Having this list of pre-selected activities we like makes it easier to choose an activity we know we want to do, saving us time and frustration.



Our itinerary: The itineraries we create remind us of our fixed activities (such as a food tour) and gives us a sense of what our days look like. While we do fill out our itineraries with the different activities we want to do, they are tentative. We don’t know how we’re feeling once on the trip, so we like to be flexible.


While I barely followed my itinerary, it gave me a good sense of what my days look like.


Costs: We keep track of the costs of our big expenses – flights, accommodations, travel insurance, etc.


Where do we do our research?


We mostly refer to other travel blogs when planning our trips. We like to visit Central City Guides, Goats on the Road and Trip Savvy to get an overview of the cities we are visiting. If we’re looking for narratives from LGBTQ or POC (or both) perspective, we visit to Travel Jewels, Dopes on the Road, and Girl Gone Travel. We also use online platforms such as Auto Straddle for LGBTQ-centered travel information, Trip Advisor for reviews, and Conde Nast Traveler.


We love reading travel blogs from LGBT travelers!


The more research you do, the more prepared you’ll feel on your adventure!



Not stressed on vacation because I organized all of my travel details.


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