5 Reasons to Stay at Hostel Lullaby in Chiang Mai

If you ask anyone suggestions for your Thailand itinerary, chances are they will recommend visiting Chiang Mai. You SHOULD – it was the most peaceful and fulfilling city I’ve ever visited.  It’s also home to the BEST hostel I’ve stayed in – Hostel Lullaby.


By the computer station is a beautiful map with photos of past guests who have stayed at Hostel Lullaby and where they are from!


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Why is Hostel Lullaby the place to be when visiting Chiang Mai?


  1. Friendly Staff Members

 The staff members made me feel right at home. I was greeted by a pleasant staff member upon arrival who promptly gave me a complimentary water bottle and a tour of the hostel. You’ll also have the opportunity to really build a relationship with the staff since it’s small. They were all super helpful – from setting up tours for you, answering all questions, and making DELICIOUS breakfast!


There is no drinking or smoking at Hostel Lullaby. There is also an ask that voices be kept down after 10 PM so guests can rest. So if you’re looking to party, this place isn’t for you. If you’re looking to relax and save a couple of bucks on accommodations, this is it!


Front Desk

2. Amenities


First floor suites, bathrooms, and computer section. They are kept spotless clean! There’s even a private shower room on the second floor!


Whatever you need – Hostel Lullaby has! If you get thirsty, there are an array of drinks available for you for a low cost (soda, water, juice, etc.). There’s a computer station if you need to use a desktop and free toiletries if needed (shampoos, conditions, body wash). You can rent a towel as well. There’s ample space to lounge inside the hostel and on the grounds. Breakfast is served from 7 AM to 10 AM every morning with the BEST banana pancakes and they offered free cooking classes twice during my 5 day long stay. I felt extremely comfortable and taken care of during my stay!


The BEST banana pancakes I’ve ever had!


Tuesday’s cooking class!

3. Location

Hostel Lullaby is located in the middle of the Old City, walking distance to multiple sightseeing spots and is right by Ratchadamnoen Road (where the Sunday Night Market is held). If you want to go outside of the city (to see Doi Sutep for example), you can easily hail a taxi or a songthaew. It’s also a cheap ride from the Chiang Mai airport, which shouldn’t cost you more than 150 Baht (Hostel Lullaby sends you directions and lets you know this so you aren’t gypped).


I’m reaching an age where hostel life isn’t as fun as it used to it. I now highly appreciate privacy, great service and tranquility whereas I used to focus on finding a cheap, decent spot to lay my head. Hostel Lullaby is “expensive” compared to other hostels ($17 USD for a 4 bed mixed room and $ 15 USD for a 6 bed mixed room/night), but it was totally worth it.


Adorable map on the wall!

4. Peaceful Vibes

I was intentional in choosing a hostel that did not allow drinking or smoking. I was looking for a peaceful vibe and I really did get it at Hostel Lullaby. I needed time to become in tune with myself again and the energy allowed me to do that. It was also quiet enough to feel relaxed but I always had opportunities to meet other travelers. I can’t explain it, but I really felt truly at peace.


Space to hang out or wait for tour guides to pick you up!

5. There’s always something to do!



There’s always something to do in Chiang Mai and Hostel Lullaby makes it easier for you to research, plan, and book activities. There are a plethora of pamphlets for you to browse through; activities such as ATV tours, shooting ranges, spas, massage schools, day trips to Pai, ziplining, etc. were all available! Staff can also call tour companies for you to book your trip which makes planning a bit easier since some businesses may not speak fluent English. What I found super convenient was that I was able to pay for my tour at the hostel instead of holding a large sum of money to pay the tour company directly. It was just so easy!


Snacks to munch on throughout the day and additional tour options. This area is also where breakfast is served.


When I visit Chiang Mai again, I know I’m going to be staying at Hostel Lullaby. I actually planned on staying at two hostels to compare and contrast the experience but  couldn’t leave – I booked an extra night. I can’t say enough how great this experience was and I highly recommend staying at Hostel Lullaby!

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